Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blast from the past: Sanitarium.

Sanitarium is definitively a PC game that you don’t want to miss. It is a excellent point and click adventure game released in 1998. by ASC Games. A psychological horror-thriller that has may be one of the best stories in history of PC games. It certainly has great atmosphere and above all originality which is hard to find especially in present day PC games. I am not surprised to see that even today people are playing this excellent game, and why not great story, puzzles and fun game play are never to old. Not to spoil your game fun i will just tell you this much of the story. You are a man with an amnesia and with a series of flashbacks you will start to uncover the story who you are and what happened to you, but that’s not all every level in game is happening in, well it certainly ain't a place on earth. The game is viewed from the third person perspective and it uses non tiled 2d navigation system.Within the game there are series of Easter eggs like: developers graves which contain the names of people who were engaged in the making of the game. The amount of details is outstanding and the game world is just so spooky interesting that you will believe me, want to explore it all.The game was shipped on 3 compact disks and has some very nice background music which is in tune with the horrors that you will encounter. So if you have a chance play it, i have encountered some web sites which are offering this game for free download because the copyright have expired and it should now be abandonware, but that has not been confirmed. Anyway i am certain that it want be hard to find Sanitarium if you are a true gamer .

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