Sunday, May 27, 2007

What 3D software to use? Read on. (download)

How to make a PC game, what software to use? Well if you have money Autodesks Maya sounds pretty nice but what if you are starting as a “garage game designer” and every penny counts. Open source comes to mind and its not a bad idea to start. When you are starting you really need to be creative to be noticed and you certainly need to cut costs to zero. Equipping your computer with open source software is a great idea for start. Because why limit your potential with high cost software at the start when you can just go create and have fun in the making. Some people started with Maya and some other expensive software because they wanted the best from the start, and what happened? They were under pressure because they “had” to create profitable game to just repay the costs of their investment in early game developing software. Free yourself from the start to the end. Certainly if you make a hit, hey go get anything you want but just keep making hits. So one of the software that should not be missed is Blender. Blender is an all-in-one 3D modelling and animation suite. It can be used to produce computer-generated images and movies. It was originally developed by Dutch company NeoGeo, then made available as a commercial product by subsidiary Not A Number. When NaN shut down, one of its founders set up the not-for-profit Blender Foundation and worked to raise funds to buy the rights to Blender. Consequently, Blender is now under the GNU General Public License which makes it open source and free for anyone to use. Recently there was a great project using Blender which resulted in first Open source movie called Elephant Dream which is currently heavily downloaded on various torrent sites. That just proves how much users value this software. Go to and have fun. And also i provided you with the pdf download of Blender 3DNoob to Pro - Beginner Tutorials which i found on wiki.

Bellow are two quality pictures representing Blenders power.

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