Sunday, May 27, 2007

World of StarCraft

This time around gaming communities are buzzing with the rumors of StarCraft 2 which should be in the making. I still have a original StarCraft and its expansion and i can truly say it is a great game. It was a small revolution of its time, because for the first time in a quality title players could experience battles between 3 completely different raises. The story and music also helped in bringing it to be a smashing hit. Original StarCraft is still mega popular in South Korea where it is played on many LAN parties and tournaments so no wonder that rumor of StarCaraft 2 coming out originated from Korea. The rumors still haven't been confirmed that there shall only be StarCraft 2 the strategic game, and why is that important? Well if you combine very very large number of fans awaiting StarCraft 2 the strategic game with the World of WarCraft what do you get? Its simple another money making machine World of Starcraft. The time is ready to replace WoW on the throne and what better way to heat up excitement than with StarCraft 2, its almost like with Warcraft 3.
I just wonder who shall benefit from it, why not all, players and game makers. Well did we with the WoW, that is for you to answer. For now i am certain good old StraCraft is a great game and if you haven't played it, go get it and have fun like you should be with all the great games.

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