Friday, May 25, 2007

What is it with the WoW?

I mean really is World of WarCraft fun or addictive game? Today WoW is popular around every corner, just look at all the web sites that are selling gold from the game for real money. World of Warcraft has evolved beyond the PC game limits, it has created a economy of its own. Selling weapons from the game or entire characters has become a profitable business. I personally know at least ten people who are addicted to the game, how, well they always want that better new armor or a super cool flying mount to show everyone that they are the best. But the main point is, if you play the games just for showing off, that way spending sleepless nights earning experience and gold is it fun. Do you really like having spent 30 hours just that you could than show everyone that you have a super uber sword, i mean really!
The company behind WoW has certainly done its job, they certainly don't want to see us from 1 st to 70 level in 10 days or that you could get some nice armor for just spending 2 hours playing. And why should they, we are all paying real money for experience in their creation. Main point of every game should be fun not somethin like "you cant be in our guild you don't have all the epic items" which i encountered several times from the guild masters of some "famous" guilds. Fun people, fun, not real life where most people work hard for money and there is injustice, for all the troubles real life is enough and at least games should be free of that. Remeber that when you are having "fun" playing some games.

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